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We’re an eco-friendly dental brand based in London created with the spirit of giving back at its core, both to the planet and our society.

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Tackling Dental Waste

Flossable exists to help tackle this problem head on, both for toothbrushes. As well other dental products like floss and electric toothbrush heads which also typically end up being thrown away.

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Partnering with Dentaid

Poor oral health is often overlooked as an issue in our society, yet it can have a debilitating impact on vulnerable people who have limited access to proper dental care. Dentaid is a wonderful charity started in 1995 to help address this both in the UK and internationally, providing free dental care to those who need it most. We donate 5% of every sale of our floss and toothbrush heads as well as donate a bamboo toothbrush for every Forever Brush that we sell.

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Promoting a Circular Dental Routine

Given our ambition to reduce waste, we incorporate circularity into the design of our products wherever possible. For our innovative Forever Brush, you keep the aluminum handle and only need to replace the biodegradable bamboo toothbrush heads. Likewise, with our electric toothbrush heads you can send them back to us to be recycled via our recycling scheme. We will be developing more environmentally-friendly dental products for the future, so watch this space!

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Recyclable Electric Toothbrush Heads

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Why Choose Flossable?


We donate to Dentaid with every sale.

You’re looking to reduce your dental waste.


You like to support an independent UK Brand.

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We’re always looking to partner with like-minded shops who believe in our mission to transform the dental product category. Get in touch with us here if you would like to have a chat and find out about our wholesale opportunities.

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